SEBA UW was a great event

We had a blast at the UW SEBA event. Got to put up our poster and pitch our idea to a lot of people. There was a lot of good feedback and we even found one person with similar idea started. There were a lot of good ideas from the engineering and science students @ UW and it was great to see the energy from the young kids. We did not make the top 3 prizes and it went to all teams with good ideas; wish them the very best in their ideas.

We got to talk with some of the experienced VC firms, met some young folks who were kicked with our mission @ Nudge. All in all, a great evening and we would do it again with more fervour.

Thanks all of your for your feedback  and keep it coming!!


UW Pitching Practice

We went to this practice class by Rebecca Lovell (Chief Business Officer, Geekwire) and worked on our pitch. We got some tips on positioning the idea and also the session helped to re-enforce some other concepts. We have now tweaked the 1 liner pitch – this also captures a set of feedback we got from friends & family.

So here goes our latest tag line

Project Nudge is an innovative online mentor matching service that helps students, working professionals and entrepreneurs realize career dreams using gamification and social pay it forward concepts.